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From a five year old orphan on the streets of Chennai (Madras), India, to establishing himself as one of Toronto’s top celebrated chefs, the journey for Chef Sash Simpson has been as challenging as it has been triumphant.

At eight years old, Sash was adopted by Canadian philanthropists, and Families for Children orphanage founders, Sandra and Lloyd Simpson. His new home, split between Montreal and Toronto with thirty-one siblings, was a bright contrast to the lonely life of destitution he left behind. However, it would be these two opposing worlds that would influence Sash’s culinary career.

At fourteen, Sash developed a talent and passion for food. Being a quick study, he excelled in various kitchens throughout the city. However with the determination of a child surviving alone on the streets of India, his appetite for knowledge would only be satiated by working in one of the best restaurants in Toronto (and ostensibly, Canada) – North 44.

It was through his hard work and prodigious culinary skills that Sash quickly moved  up the ranks, until he became Executive Chef after just a few years. Eventually, he would also be tasked with helming the exclusive and highly acclaimed North 44 caterers, as well as assisting in the launch of another landmark restaurant – ByMark.

After thirty years of developing into a world class Chef with a distinctive, signature blend of globally inspired, locally-sourced ingredients, Chef Simpson is now treating Toronto to his very own restaurant. Already open in the trendy, cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Summerhill, Sash Restaurant and Wine Bar is an approachably elegant fine dining experience where Sash invites his guests on a flavourful journey highlighted by his modern, sophisticated tastes heavily influenced by his extraordinary past.